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This Ministry is open to all women interested in fellowship with women ministry leaders and other women who are involved or what to be involved in women’s ministry. We hold each other up in God's love and His strength. We share ideas and resources. Each of us has a desire to help women meet their full potential within their church body. We are sisters in Christ and want to encourage others through our work, through our prayers, and our commitment to each of the bodies that we serve. We have a vision for the city of Redding and the North State area that all women, regardless of church affiliations, come together to love, worship, and serve our God as He created us to serve. Our amazing God has given us all talents and gifts to serve Him. We pray that you will join us.


If you are on the women’s ministry team at your church, if you are involved in women’s ministry or you would like to be involved then this is the place for you! We invite you to join us for our meetings, they are open to anyone. 

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